It depends on a range of circumstances, but in most cases, it may be possible. Here are some suggestions for you to consider. Australia Home Affairs offers many concessions through labour agreements. A concession essentially means a waiver to employers so they can go outside of the main framework and sponsor someone and offer them a pathway to become an Australian PR that perhaps doesn’t meet Australia’s standard Age, English Language, Skill requirement, or salary requirements. One such Labour Agreement is called DAMA, which is a pathway for those who are aged 45 to achieve a pathway to become an Australian Permanent Resident (Australian PR Visa). We specialise in assisting clients with more complex and challenging needs to achieve an Australian PR Visa and welcome your phone call to discuss your personal circumstances.

We have included further suggestions. As always, if you feel you need more support, please feel free to get in touch, and we will discuss your unique circumstances and tailor a personalised plan to help you achieve your migration goals.

  1. Go to Google, and search “Home Affairs and DAMA” and follow the link and instructions on that page, which will show you all the currently enrolled regions on DAMA.  DAMA is regional (Except Adelaide city), so you must be prepared to live, work, contribute and thrive in regional Australia in exchange for an Australian Permanent Residence pathway.
  • To find sponsors, go to and in the keyword section, type “dama”. Type in suburbs that are DAMA approved, for example, “Townsville”, or “Dubbo” and search for jobs in that area that align with your needs and discuss DAMA with the employer.
  • Call employers or companies that have previously hired through DAMA, we have included a table of company names that have participated in DAMA before.
  1. Some employers will have questions about the program, which can be highly technical, if you are unsure, please call us, and we will assist where possible.
  2. Some employers may be reluctant or sound cautious, please be respectful as you approach the first discussions.
  3. In our experience, a lot of employers will also refuse to participate in the program because there are suitable local candidates, and that is fine. The rejections can be extremely difficult if you are the client making calls.
  1. We specialise in assisting clients with more complex needs who want an Australian Permanent Residence Visa pathway and offer a complimentary (Free) first consult to discuss your unique circumstances.
  2. DAMA is a wonderful pathway for those who are aged 45 and above to achieve a pathway to become an Australian Permanent Resident and one that we work in a lot. We travel extensively to the regions, engage with employers/sponsors and are active in the job/sponsor markets in those areas.
  3. We assist you as our client and advocate for you to secure sponsorship by using our contacts, networks in regions to assist you in your journey towards achieving your goals of becoming an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen.
  1. There are two elements to our fees, one is the standard visa preparation fee which remains highly competitive. This will be discussed with you at the meeting.
  2. The second element of our fees depends entirely on how much work is needed and how many opportunities there are for you to become employed/sponsored. For example, a diesel fitter who specialises in earthmoving equipment or a registered nurse will be much easier to place in a sponsorship role than someone with less in-demand skills.
  3. The first consult is complimentary. We recommend you speak to us, and we will provide you with an accurate cost estimate before any work.
  4. Contact us on our WhatsApp on +61449151115 or landline 0299851673 or in person in our office in Hornsby NSW 2077 or St Leonards NSW 2065 by prior Appointment.

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