September 2023 – Latest Results

Before , during or after lodging onshore protection claims, we recommend a detailed consult with our Australian Visa specialist so that all a more detailed assessment can be made and all your options discovered that allows you to remain in Australia lawfully.

Information from Australian Government – Department of Home Affairs

  • This file shows you which countries claims protection visa the most, for example how many people from each country claim protection in Australia.
  • This file shows you how many protection claims Australia approves each month, which is very small by comparison of how many applications Australia recieves.
  • This files shows you how many protection claims Australia grants each month – this information changes every month.

We recommend you speak to our team for all protection claim related matters.

We understand how stressful this whole situation is and assist with care and compassion to ensure you understand all the options.

Yes, if you request we help you transition away from protection visa onto a more suitable visa.

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