Preet moved from India to Australia in 2015 to complete her master’s degree in information technology and now works as a cybersecurity incident analyst. She said the industry here offers limitless avenues to progress her career and provides women in particular with many opportunities.

Before deciding to move to Australia, Preet compared other countries with similar migration pathways. She said she considered things like being able to bring family, working rights, language barriers – even the weather conditions – and found Australia was a perfect fit.

According to Preet, the process of moving countries has helped her learn more about herself and given her confidence and a newfound independence.

“If I compare myself from 10 years ago, I’m far more confident today,” she said. “I gained that confidence after coming here.”

Preet’s IT qualification was her second postgraduate degree and prompted a complete change in career – something she believes she could not have achieved if she had not moved to Australia.

“Here, if you want to change careers, nobody’s going to judge you or try to stop you,” Preet said. “You can pursue your goals. You can be what you want to be.”

Preet said she recommends the Australian lifestyle to other migrants as a way to achieve their aspirations.

“What I like most about Australia is that you can fulfil your passion,” she said. “I’m discovering myself every day.”

If you are a skilled worker, make the smart move and choose Australia.

What I like most about Australia is that you can fulfil your passion. I’m discovering myself every day.

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