Rupinder moved from India to Australia in 2007 on a visa to study hairdressing and makeup, but it didn’t take long before her career took a different direction.

She found work as a disability support worker in the aged care sector, which led to her gaining direct entry into a Postgraduate Diploma of Mental Health Nursing. She now works as a forensic health nurse.

“I came to Australia with big dreams,” Rupinder explained. “From when I was a uni student, I wanted to explore the possibility of freedom and independence.”

Rupinder’s skilled migration pathway was through living and working in regional Victoria, where the slow-paced lifestyle provides a work-life balance and lets her spend more time with her young family.

“My family and I really enjoy it,” Rupinder said. “My two little daughters are so appreciative. They say, ‘Mama, Mama, thank you so much, you have more time for us.’”

Although moving to a regional area was challenging to begin with, Rupinder said she found her colleagues and the local community very welcoming and has developed many friendships.

“In the beginning, I’d talk to my colleagues and say I feel isolated or miss home, and they’d say, ‘No worries, we are your friends, join us for these outings,’” she said.

Migrating to Australia has been extremely fulfilling for Rupinder, both personally and professionally, and she said she would encourage others to do the same.

“People should give it a go,” she said. “I feel happy and I’ve established myself.”

If you are a skilled worker, make the smart move and choose Australia.

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